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Frequently Asked Questions

DJ and Planning.

Yes. Every one of our DJs has a minimum of 5 years wedding experience. Most have more. Our DJs also act as your emcee and we also offer professional percussionists. All our staff are true performers experienced in wedding formalities, customs and procedures. We book more weddings than any other type of event.

Yes. Wedding DJs are unique in that they have to be knowledgeable in all genres of music. Our DJs carry their entire music library with them to every wedding.

Being able to keep a crowd engaged is about paying attention, reading the crowd, anticipating what to play next and always being one step ahead. If a song doesn’t work, we immediately start mixing out of it and get something on that gets people back on the floor. Because of the sheer number of weddings our DJs have performed at, keeping a dance floor full is like second nature to them. A fun dance floor means a great wedding reception that everyone will remember for years to come.

Yes. Being a great emcee is equally as important as being a great DJ and a true professional wedding DJ has no problem covering both roles. It’s actually better to have your DJ be your emcee for the simple reason that it’s a one-person job. Our DJs know when and what to say. We emcee your entire wedding including your grand entrance, formal song introductions, special dance introductions and more. We speak clearly, project into the mic and keep a smooth flow of events. We don’t overuse the mic and are never cheesy. Never pay extra for a separate emcee unless you’re looking for someone to talk a lot which most couples don’t want at their wedding.

With our online entertainment planner. We have created multiple playlists for you to provide your requests. Our online entertainment planner is one of the keys to our success. It keeps everything organized and is extremely user friendly. It’s where our couples communicate all their wedding day entertainment details to us including music requests, timeline, wedding party names and more. It’s an amazing tool that comes standard with our wedding DJ package. We create a free account for every inquiry so you can see first-hand how it works with no obligation.

Yes. Our Online Entertainment Planner is where all our couples provide their wedding day information such as music requests, timeline, wedding party names and more. Most couples pick out a handful of songs they want to hear and leave the rest to us to read your crowd and keep the dance floor active all night long. Your DJ will schedule a final meeting with you the week of your wedding to finalize all your music choices, details and plans.

No. Other than their formal songs (i.e. grand entrance, first dance, etc.), some couples don’t pick out any songs and we’re fine with that. We’re experts at mixing together different genres of music that makes sense to your guests so that they can have an amazing night of dancing and fun.

Yes. Our online entertainment planner has a “Do Not Play” playlist.

Yes. We are always available to work with our couples throughout the planning process which includes music selection, creating your timeline, logistics and more.

Yes. Unless you don’t want us to. We only play requests that make sense to your crowd.

Our online entertainment planner, which comes standard in our wedding DJ package, has a music section for you to customize to your liking. It includes playlists for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing. Some couples don’t enter any music and we’re fine with that. If you decide to have us choose your cocktail and dinner music we usually go with Crooners (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc.), smooth jazz, Motown, etc.

Yes. Weddings aren’t nightclubs. No f-bombs or other profanity.

Yes. We can and will play anything you want. We work with you to get the exact songs you want to be played. We perform at many ethnic weddings every year.

Yes. All our DJs have enormous music libraries covering all genres. If for some reason we don’t have a song you’re requesting, we’ll get it for you. Also, we always play the popular recognizable versions of songs. Usually, that’s the radio version. We never play a deep remix of a popular song that no one recognizes until the vocals start. Those versions are for nightclubs. This is your wedding and we make sure everyone is dancing to the version they all know and love. Oh, and btw, we always play the radio-friendly versions of songs. No f-bombs here!

We constantly update our music libraries with the most current music by watching the charts, new releases, etc.

Yes. We assist all our couples through the planning process. We’re very quick to respond to your emails, texts and voicemails. You’ll also have a final phone meeting with your DJ the week of your wedding to go over the details in your online entertainment planner. Need to speak to your DJ before your final meeting? No problem. We’ll set that up for you.

Yes. We have a backup DJ with proper attire, equipment and your online entertainment planner ready to go at a moments notice every weekend.

Yes. All our DJs have a backup speaker, mic, cables and a backup music library ready to go just in case.

All our DJs arrive 2 hours prior to their start time. Sometimes earlier if the there is a larger setup.

An 8 foot skirted table. All our sound setups must be within 15 feet of a reliable power source. This information is included in your contract.

Our male DJs wear suits. Our female DJs wear a similar suit style, dark skirt or pant. We never wear costumes or other silly props.

We don’t take breaks other than to quickly use the restroom.

Yes. As well as the percussionist (if applicable).

Our owners, Kris & Darren, have been DJs for over 20 years. Every one of our DJs has a minimum of 5 years wedding experience. Most have more. It’s one of our many requirements when hiring a new DJ.

Yes. We help you as much or as little as you would like us to. Darren and Kris are always available to work with our couples throughout the planning process. We are a smaller company so we literally have the time to work directly one-on-one to answer questions and help when needed. We have performed at, produced and curated successful events for over 20 years. We have a wealth of resources and information. Also, your DJ will schedule a final meeting with you the week of your wedding to finalize all your music choices, details, plans and answer any questions you may have.

It’s a wonderful way to show your appreciation for a job well done but is not required.

Add-ons and Extra Equipment.

Uplights are individual light units that sit on the floor and are usually placed along the perimeter of the room pointing up to highlight the wall, column, arch, ceiling, etc. Our uplights use LED technology and are programmable to the color of your choice. Take a peek at our uplights gallery to see how you can accent or transform your room to match the atmosphere and vibe you’re looking for.

Our live percussionists play during the open dancing. They play along by following the DJ’s lead. They have a couple stand-up bongos, snare drums and cymbals. It’s very interactive and fun. They bring tambourines and shakers and invite your guests to come play with them. It’s a great photo-op and really adds excitement to the dance floor. Be sure to check out our live percussion videos to get a taste of what it’s all about.

Yes. Additional sound setups are available as an add-on. We can set up anywhere inside or out providing there’s power and adequate shelter.

Yes. Our photo booth is powered by ShutterBooth™. We’re the wedding DJ experts, they’re the photo booth experts. ShutterBooth is Michigan’s first premier photo booth company. With more than 6,000 events successfully hosted and over 1,000,000 photo strips taken. ShutterBooth offers up to a $300 savings if booked through us. Take a peek at our ShutterBooth™ page for all the details.

Yes. You can order any add-on at any time pending availability. Extra time can be added at any time. This is very convenient if you’re unclear on what you need at the time of booking.

Yes. We use only professional grade equipment & software. Some brands we use are Shure, Pioneer, Serato, Traktor, Mackie, QSC, JBL & Apple.

The only professional musicians that we offer are percussionists. However, we’ve worked with many varieties of professional musicians over-the-years and would be more-than-happy to assist you in securing one or more for your big day.

Payment and Contract.

We accept most forms of payment. We have an online invoice app that accepts credit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover) and debit cards. Our deposit amount is $500 for the DJ package and $1000 for the DJ & live percussionist combo. Deposit payment is due at signing. Your deposit secures your date, DJ and (if applicable) percussionist. Final payment is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Yes. There are no extra charges for setup or breakdown. We have no hidden charges.

If your wedding is outside the Metro Detroit area there may be a travel fee. Extra time does incur additional fees. There is a small processing fee. All fees are included in your contract and itemized on your invoice. If something is added at a later date, we update your contract and invoice to reflect the changes.

Yes. Our contracts are e-sign and we provide a sample with every inquiry.

All these details are covered in our contract. We provide a sample contract with every inquiry.


Since weddings are a private affair, we don’t ask any of our current couples if we can bring any prospective clients to look-in. Also, many venues don’t allow this and we don’t want to take our DJs focus off of their wedding at hand. We do however have videos and testimonials to look over.

Yes. All of our DJs are covered. A copy of our certificate of insurance is available upon request to you and/or your venue.

Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint and outlying areas. This isn’t set-in-stone so feel free to drop us an email to find out if we serve your city.